Arran Folk Festival 2000 — Archive

‘Festival Highlights 2000’

These quotes come courtesy of Brian Ferguson of ‘The Living Tradition’ magazine:

The Moonshiners

“... some quite wonderful bluegrass music from a charismatic outfit who seemed to thrive on playing before such a big crowd.  The Moonshiners’ songs were an absolute treat, their musicianship was almost faultless and the charismatic outfit were very well-received.”

The Wrigley Sisters

The Wrigley Sisters

“... demonstrated just why they have such a huge reputation these days. The crowd were charmed within minutes by the diminutive duo, who performed an enormously varied set, which set an electrifying pace one minute then broke your heart the next it was so moving.”

The Loop

“had the unenviable task of following the Wrigleys and rose to the occasion with a fine set of songs ... The Loop got everyone stamping their feet with a set full of passion and energy and the strength of their songs suggest they have the potential to go far.”


“Fiddle, clarsach, pipes and accordian were all employed to create some of the most angelic harmonies I’ve ever heard.  The confidence in the playing of these hugely talented young performers almost took the breath away.”

Kepa Junkera

Kepa Junkera

“... if you ever get the chance to see Kepa Junkera and his band in action, don’t miss it. The Spanish accordian genius is quite simply the most amazing musician I’ve ever come across and the music his truly unique outfit creates is truly special.”

“The incredible thing about this band is that their music is so difficult to describe. You just couldn’t do it justice by sticking a tag on it.” ... “You’ll just have to wait till you see them.”


“The six members of Cliar went down a storm here, with some wonderful singing proving to the high points of their set.”

Deaf Shepherd

“followed suit and set a pace that seemed to quicken all night and was simply electrifying. It’s difficult to imagine seeing two more dynamic performers than the deadly fiddling duo of Clare McLaughlin and Marianne Campbell. And when the rest of this band are fizzing along in full flight, they’re a joy to behold.”


“The brilliant ceilidh band Skippinish rounded things off on a crazy note. With many of the band members joining in the mayhem on the dance floor.”

“The nine acts I saw were wonderfully eclectic, hugely talented and the majority seemed at the peak of their powers.”